This page will refresh every 60 seconds. The following table shows the time stamp of important files uploaded to via FTP from WD.

The purpose for this page is so I (The Admin) know that files are updating correctly and are current.

The current data and time is: 06/25/17 09:30:26 MDT

Application Uploaded Files Upload Frequency Last Upload Time Since Upload
Client Raw Textclientraw.txt2 Minutes06/25/17 09:30:20 MDT6 sec  
Client Raw Hour Textclientrawhour.txt60 Minutes06/25/17 09:30:16 MDT10 sec  
Client Raw Daily Textclientrawdaily.txt24 Hours06/25/17 09:30:15 MDT11 sec  
Direction Plotdirplot.gif60 Minutes06/25/17 09:00:16 MDT30.2 min  
24 Hour Graphcurr24hourgraph.gif12 Hours06/25/17 00:00:23 MDT9.5 hr  
48 Hour Graphcurr48hourgraph.gif12 Hours06/25/17 00:00:24 MDT9.5 hr  
72 Hour Graphcurr72hourgraph.gif12 Hours06/25/17 00:00:25 MDT9.5 hr  
Month to Datemonthtodate.gif24 Hours06/25/17 00:14:37 MDT9.3 hr  
Condition Tagconditionscolour.jpg5 Minutes06/25/17 09:30:12 MDT14 sec  
All Time Recordalltimerecords.gif24 Hours06/25/17 00:01:13 MDT9.5 hr  
Month Recordalltimerecordsmonth.gif24 Hours06/25/17 00:01:14 MDT9.5 hr  
Year Recordsalltimerecordsyear.gif24 Hours06/25/17 00:04:18 MDT9.4 hr  
Moon Detailsmoondetail1.gif3 Hours06/25/17 09:00:27 MDT30.0 min  
Moon Iconmoonicon.gif3 Hours06/25/17 09:00:30 MDT29.9 min  
Test Tagtesttags.php2 Minutes06/25/17 09:30:18 MDT8 sec  
Record Extra Tagsrecordextra.txt24 Hours06/24/17 23:59:22 MDT9.5 hr